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*Translation of the original English poem.

Quietud en la oscuridad.
Luego el azul insubstancial
Vertiente de tor y distancias.

Leona de Dios,
Así en uno nos convertimos,
¿Giro de talones y rodillas!—El surco

Se abre y pasa, hermana del
Arco café
Del cuello que no logro alcanzar,

Ojo de negro
Bayas lanzan oscuros

Bocanadas de dulce sangre negra,
Algo más

Me impulsa por el viento—
Muslos, pelo;
Piezas de mis talones.

Godiva, me descascaro—
Muertas manos, muertas rigurosidades.

Y ahora yo
Espuma a trigo, un brillo de mares.
El llanto del niño

Se funde en la pared
Y yo
Soy la flecha.

El rocío que vuela
Suicida, en uno con mi impulso
Me arrojo al ojo

Rojo, el caldero de la mañana.


Fragment from Diana’s Tree
*Translation of the original Spanish poem.

she undresses herself in the paradise
of her memory
she doesn’t know the fierce destiny
of her visions
she is afraid of not knowing how to name
what does not exist.

at this innocent hour
I and who I was, we both sit together
on the portal of my gaze

no more the sweet metamorphoses of a girl made of silk
somnambulist now on the edge of the fog
her awakening like a breathing hand
brings a flower that opens up to the wind

to explain with words of this world
that from me, a ship carrying me departed

when the eyes that I have tattooed
in my eyes are able to see

these threads imprison the shadows
and force them to account for the silence
these threads unite the stare with the sob

the tiny traveler
dies while explaining her death
wise nostalgic animals
were visiting her warm body

Life, my life, let yourself fall, let yourself hurt, my
life, let yourself be embraced by fire, by innocent
silence, by green stones in the house of the
night, let yourself fall and hurt, my life.


in the cage of time
the sleeping woman sees her lonely eyes
the wind brings her
the slight murmur of the leaves.

For Alain Glass


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