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Narrating Identity: The Cinematographic Laboratory of “Vengo Volviendo”

*Film analysis originally published in Spanish by tête-à tête, Ecudorian Digital Literary Magazine.


“A story can help people make sense of their frustration.” – Annette Simmons

Which frustrations do narratives help us unravel? What specific human need do narratives — specifically visual narratives — respond to and how do they influence our understanding of our collective and individual selves?

Full film review in English here and in Spanish here.

¿Florida in La Floresta?

*Cultural analysis essay published in Spanish by tête-à tête, Digital Literary Magazine.

“The key to understanding the new economic geography of creativity and its effects on economic outcomes lies in what I call the 3Ts of economic development: technology, talent, and tolerance.” – Richard Florida

Andrea-Tapia-EnsayoWhat is the role of cities in the 21st century?

What happens when we take Florida’s Creative Capital Theory and apply it to Quito, a city where creativity — particularly in the historically artistic neighborhood of La Floresta — has spurred social change and transformation for the economy of the area?

Full essay in Spanish here and in English here.

Drilling Creativity: When an Image Becomes More Dangerous than Reality

“I have never seen such a hostile environment . . . It is believed that an image is more dangerous than reality”. — Vilma Vargas 

Andrea-Tapia-ArtículoCan an image be “more dangerous than reality” as Vilma Vargas told Cartoonist Rights? It depends. Sometimes dangerous can imply powerful, and sometimes powerful is not necessarily negative. As a representation of reality constructed through the use of a visual language, an image can be very powerful and impactful on society, depending on the context in which it is operating and with what intent it was created.

Full essay here.

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